Who We Are

About Platteville Area Industrial Development Corporation

The Platteville Industrial Park is not just a bunch of steel, concrete, and electricity where businesses can build a building . We strive to be much more than that. We view ourselves as an Incubator Style Industrial Park. This means that we provide the means to customize and/or expand your space based on the abilities and expertise of our team. We also provide access to innovation, research, workforce, community, and cooperation both between ourselves and our residents and among the businesses themselves.

Guiding Principles

  • Regional strengths are our most important asset. We maintain our tradition as a university community by promoting our quality of life and our superior educational system.
  • Teamwork is our way of doing business. We work in partnership with our neighboring communities to achieve mutual goals. Trust and respect are the foundations of our team approach.
  • Integrity is never compromised. Our actions and decisions reflect the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • Business development keeps our community healthy. To prosper as a community we work towards creating and keeping good jobs in the area.
  • We are involved forward thinking citizens. We maintain our tradition of citizenship and service through actions that demonstrate our care for the people of Platteville and the environment around us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow prosperity in the community through business development in the Industry Park and surrounding area. As the marketing arm for the City of Platteville, the Platteville Area Industrial Development Corporation (PAIDC) is here to create jobs as well as retain existing jobs and to improve the quality of life in Platteville through business development in the Industry Park and the surrounding commercial area.

Our History

The Platteville Area Industrial Development Corporation or PAIDC was brought together by private citizens in 1957 to promote the business interests of the city of Platteville. In 1986, the PAIDC team came together to organize developing the city's first Industry Park. Since then, the group has helped to steadily add land, businesses, and supporting services for new businesses for the City of Platteville.