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Things to Do in Platteville

There's never a dull moment in Platteville. There are activities to get involved in for anyone. Below are just some of the highlights.

Outdoor activities

Platteville Community Arboretum: The Platteville Arboretum helps connect the Platteville community to the Rountree Branch corridor, through recreation, conservation, and environmental education.

Platteville Trail Network: There are over 8 miles of trails inside the city that you can use to go to many different places. These trails are very peaceful and are a great way to spend the morning or afternoon. They are even lighted for night time use, and have many places to stop along the way.

Platteville Parks: There are 15 different parks to choose from inside Platteville. Go for a picnic, play a game of volleyball, go for a walk, practice your basketball, and more.

World's Largest M: Located only four miles northeast of Platteville, you can climb the world's largest M. It's a great picnic spot, and provides stunning views to enjoy.

Entertainment Options

Pioneer Lanes Bowling: Fun for the whole family! Provides a quality bowling experience for a price that won't break the budget. Bumper bowling and Cosmic bowling available, too!

Platteville Family Aquatic Center: Beat the heat with a dip in the pool. Facility contains a bath house, concession stand, zero depth entry, 40-foot slide, competitive pool, diving boards, and a 900 square foot sandbox for the kids. Swimming lessons are available as well.

Movie Theaters: Platteville has two movie theaters available: the Avalon Cinema and the Millenium Cinema. Both show unique movies so you know there's always something to go see at the cinema. Concession stands available at both locations.

Center For The Arts: The UW-Platteville Center for the Arts theatre gives both students and the public access to performing arts.

Platteville's Dog Park: Your furry friends need some entertainment too! Right off the Rountree Branch trail is the 5 acre Platteville Community Dog Park. It provides a safe and spacious area for your dog to play!


Platteville Golf Course: The Platteville Golf and Country Club is laid out in the beautiful, rolling hills of Southwestern Wisconsin. The course is open to the public. It offers a challenging and fun course with some of the best greens in the area.

UW-Platteville and Westview Disc Golf: Platteville offers two different Disc Golf courses. They are well laid out, with the Westview park course being simpler, and flatter. The University course is more difficult and has some moderate/extreme elevation changes and varies from lightly to heavily wooded.

Tennis Courts: At Westview park you'll find a public tennis court with 4 courts and lighting. In the summer, you can sign up for tennis lessons with the city Park and Recreation department.

Baseball Diamonds: At Legion park you'll find four different baseball diamonds with lighting. There are also baseball leagues hosted by the Park and Recreation department, as well as High school baseball and softball teams.

Skate Park: Practice your skating or skateboarding here at the skate park, with various pieces of equipment available to try to hone your skills.

Youth/Adult Activities: Many different sports leagues are available to the public, including volleyball, soccer, basketball, and more. Both adult and youth leagues are available to all.

Family Fun

Platteville Mining & Rollo Jamison Museums: Discover the rich history of the area and the mining industry it was known for at one time. Discover artifacts, check out the exhibits, or go on a train ride.

Roundtree Gallery: Discover works from local artists in addition to changing exhibits. The gallery is located on the second floor of the mining museum building.

Stone Cottage Museum: The Mitchell Rountree Stone Cottage site encompasses the early home of the Mitchell and Rountree family members, an extensive lawn with a back vegetable garden and a children's garden with bunny decorations in honor of the books written for children about Bunny Cottontail by Laura Rountree Smith.

Community Organizations

Many of the residents in Platteville take advantage of the community-oriented programs that allow them to have fun and meet other residents while they give something back to the community they call home. Platteville is very volunteer-oriented with many active service clubs. These numerous clubs and organizations in Platteville offer residents a myriad of ways to get involved with the community.

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Platteville has a wide variety of churches to offer residents. Platteville’s faith community is strong and growing with houses of worship representing diverse faiths. The faith communities welcome newcomers with open arms, offering regular worship services and religious education. In Platteville and surrounding communities, houses of worship represent virtually all faiths and the spiritual community host outreach and social service programs designed to enhance the quality of living in Platteville.

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