Regional Recreation

Things to Do in the area

Platteville is only 20 minutes away from the Mississippi River, as well as the city of Dubuque, IA. Platteville is also very close to historic Galena, IL and the capital of Wisconsin - Madison. There is all kinds of activities to enjoy in our region, with just a few highlighted below.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Chestnut Mountain Resort: Located near historic Galena, and only 50 minutes from Platteville, this resort has skiing/snowboarding in the winter as well as lessons and children's programs. During the rest of the year there are other activities, such as an adventure package and zipline.

Sundown Mountain Resort: Located about 40 minutes from Platteville just outside of Dubuque, this resort is one of the best in the Midwest. It offers something for every skill level, including 21 different trails ranging from beginner to advanced.

Water Activities

Mississippi River Walk: The Mississippi Riverwalk in Dubuque, IA provides a spectacular view of the river. It's a beautiful and calm place to for a walk or jog, with various pieces of Art on the River to view as you go.

Port of Dubuque Marina: The Port of Dubuque Marina is a great place to dock, and you can also go on excursion boats from here too. There's an annual lighted boat parade and SWAT River Tours available for you as well.

Grant River Tubing, Co and Y' ALLBEE TUBIN Tubing and Kayaking: These two locations offer rentals so you can explore the Grant River on tubes and/or kayaks. It's a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the Grant River.

Parks & Trails

Military Ridge State Trail: A 40 mile military trail from 1855 is now used for hiking and biking north of Grant Count, connecting Dodgeville and Madison.

Pecatonica Trail: A 10 mile trail situated in the Bonner Branch Valley connects Belmont with the Cheese Country Trail, another 47 mile long trail heading east.

Eagle Point Park: One of the most outstanding parks in the midwest, this park is well known for its great scenic overlooks which provide a spectacular view of the tri-state area. It's also perfect for weddings, or just spending an afternoon going for a walk or picnic.

Governor Dodge State Park: There are certainly other state parks in the area, but this one is one of the best in the whole state. Total acreage of the park is 5,350, and it has two lakes perfect for swimming as well as many hiking trails and campsites.