Strategic Direction

Strategic Planning

Analyzing our assets to set forth our direction for the next five years, our Board has determined three areas of focus: Infrastructure, Marketing and Workforce. Our board will spend 2017 developing strategies particular to platteville’s strengths to develop support structures to enhance marketing

2016 Annual Report

Annual Report

Measuring Success

Moving From Planning to Action

Action: Marketing & Prospect Outreach

Getting the information to our clients in a way they can use so that they come to you

  • Networking local, regional and state relationships to bring information to and about prospects to Platteville
  • Aggregating and providing up to date information concerning Platteville’s available sites and buildings

Outcome: Marketing & Prospect Outreach

  • New Website with all searchable information in one place for commercial/industry site selection for the city. Updated information, Reports and Data, Clusters for supply industries
  • Verified Sites which is the Gold Shovel equivalent for interactive GIS mapping
  • Land price Formula and Covenants confirmed for the new portion of the park

Action: Workforce Development

To connect businesses to the right talent

  • Connect with other organizations working in this area i.e. WIOA, DWD, and Southwest Tech

Outcome: Workforce Development

  • Helped business get connected to resources that helped fill 117 jobs in Platteville
  • Two Businesses received monies for workforce training
  • Three Career Fairs conducted on business premises to recruit workers
  • Eleven displaced and underemployed workers finding more suitable employment

Action: Business Retention & Expansion

To work with current businesses to help them grow. (This is where 85% of business growth comes from!)

  • Made 23 visits to industry businesses, 14 different businesses

Outcome: Business Retention & Expansion

  • Prevented one business from leaving Platteville and instead expand which equal greater property tax generation
  • Connected another business to state services to find additional contracts
  • Provided professional development opportunities for 3 local businesses on data research, human resources management, and useful tech apps